Sometimes I wonder
How long will we be friends or lovers?
What if we aren’t meant to be?
The past is history
The future’s a mystery
Today’s the present because it’s a gift
It’s a gift everyday when I feel one step closer than before
But once I’m there, will you be too?
Or will your part in my life be done?
And I have to move on
Can’t look back because I can’t get it back
Can’t really move on until each day passes
But at least I know how far I’ve come
And who to thank for it
God and you
Everything you’ve shown me and taught me,
I’ll cherish for life and share it with others
Even if you’re not with me in person
You’ll be with me in spirit and in everything I do
No matter if we don’t keep in touch
Or how far apart we are
You’ll always be close to me
And nothing and no one can replace that