A town full of water and despair
Bodies fled to safety but they are floating
Couldn’t get away and left with a prayer
Had to take matters into their own hands
Those that made it were forced into the Trans-America slave trade
Going into unfamiliar territories
Not knowing that they were going to be separated from their families
Flown all over and away from their roots
Hoping to go back but there’s nothing to go back to
The government didn’t care about the people
Flying above a flooded city, browsing to see what was left
Trailers and houses damaged from the ravaging waters
No one’s trying to fix their homes
What was the point of the money and clothes donated to Red Cross?
Five years later and many haven’t returned
Losing sleep and stressed out from evacuating
No one could’ve foreseen how terrible it would be
Their lives flooded with terror and the constant images of the flood wiping out the
whole town
Our own city looking like a scene in a movie or in another part of the world
Kids acting grown because they had to step up to take care of an elderly or a parent
Some left without someone to care for them
No medicine or food for the stranded people
Dying from heat exhaustion and what they had experienced a few days earlier
Was this planned because this had to be the worse national disaster in America
It’s a blur to everyone else
It’s a living nightmare for the residents of New Orleans
Years go by and they’re still in an unfamiliar place
Those that returned, can’t get their homes back
And they’re praying that it’ll be recovered
Knowing deep down inside no one cares
Will New Orleans ever be the same?
Did the spirit leave when the people left?
New Orleans is what made Louisiana unique
When The Saints won, it brought the spirit back
But the spirit will fully be alive when everyone returns
And the pots of jambalaya and gumbo are steaming