To those that know me, you’re about to a whole other side of me.

To those that don’t know me, I’m really a
nice person, it’s just that people mistake my kindness for weakness when it’s actually my strength.

Look at me
Without my hearing aids, I look like you, right?
You wouldn’t know that there was something wrong with me
But that’s the thing, there isn’t anything wrong with me
You treat me like I’m dumb
I smile and set out to prove you wrong
You’re curious how I was so productive
And because you can’t get past the fact
That I’m smarter than you think
You yell at me and try to find my faults
You want to shame me and tell other people how useless I am
When you walk into the room with your little cocky attitude
You’re stunned because I got back-up
You’re a one man gangsta
And I’m the mafia
You brought a cap gun to a gunfight
You’re shaking in your boots while I politely smile
And silently say, “checkmate”
You thought you could ambush me
Instead I ambushed you
You were trying to throw me under the bus
But you didn’t know I knew the bus driver
You should’ve paid attention to my resume
I graduated from two prestigious universities because I earned it
I watch enough Law & Order to know my rights
Put my hands in the air and I have the right to remain silent
(My hands become the finger)
I have the right to remain silent because anything
I say, can and will be used against YOU
(Silently, in American Sign Language: “I’m sick of this bullshit”)
No, that wasn’t gang signs
My hands were in the air and I remained silent
I just communicated in another way and I said, “I’m sick of this bullshit”
You’re intimidated by me and think I’ll take your job
You can relax because I don’t want your punk ass job
I see that I’m more effective and productive than management
I’m not even getting paid nearly where you are
But I get a whole lot more done in a timely manner
Are you serious? Are you really serious?
You talk about loyalty
I believe in loyalty but that comes after you’ve proven yourself
Honestly, I don’t owe you shit and I don’t have any reason to be loyal to
If I can’t kiss my own ass, then why would I kiss yours?
I gotta look out for number one
I’m not falling for anything
I will stand up for myself
While everyone is running in circles around you, timid and panicking
In the midst of the chaos, I’m always standing alone, rolling my eyes
With my mouth wide open, ready to be fed
And if that makes me an easy target, then have at it
Because you don’t know that I have sharpshooters ready to take you out if you
even think about fucking with me
Do you really think I’m dumb?
Don’t challenge me because I won’t back down
I’ve known about this game for a long time
And I’ve studied the rules
You thought you could beat me
And although I don’t give a shit what you think about me
You learned the hard way
Don’t fuck with me
And don’t ever insult my intelligence
*Dedicated to SEIU Local 1021