No sign that life hasn’t been created
Thoughts rush to my head like a wave that crashes onto shore
I’m scared, I’m not ready
What if life is growing inside of me
Like a seed that has been fertilized in the ground
No money to feed and take care of it
Hell, I can barely take care of myself
I begin to cry because this life may never exist
My first seed may be terminated because I’m not ready
The planter of the seed isn’t ready either
I was going to dig out the seed and throw it away
Hoping another seed will be planted when the season’s right
If I did have to throw away the seed, I wasn’t going to tell a soul and keep the invisible scar forever
As I contemplate about the “what if’s”
I feel a gushing feeling inside
I dig inside myself to find that no seed had been planted
And it’s just the seasonal rain pouring down into my womb
Rain to keep my womb alive and ready for when it’s time to plant a seed
And watch a rose grow and blossom