My introduction to my poetry tribute to Tee at the Air Lounge on 12-21-11:

Teena Marie is my favorite artist and this poem that I’m about to do is for her. December 26th is the anniversary of her passing and I thought it would be perfect to do this. I wrote this before she passed, hoping I would get a chance to read this to her. I was nine years old when I first heard Ooo La La La and I’ve been a fan since. I’ve been lucky to see her perform every time she came to the Bay Area. She’s like a female version of Prince; she plays every instrument from the piano, drums, saxophone and guitar. I wear hearing aids (I lift my hair to show the audience) and I’ve been blessed to be able to hear her music and share this with you.

A melody flows to my ears
It catches my attention
And draws me to the speakers
Sitting there, not understanding what she’s singing
But I know she’s in love
The piano is playing beautifully
Her range is fluctuating
She’s convincing me about something she’s singing about
There’s a specific part that makes me cry
Her voice gets high and higher
And then the sax joins her to blow its tune
I close my eyes to picture myself in her shoes
Singing my heart out to the one I love
When I get this song, I’m going to memorize the lyrics
Because it’s so hypnotizing
She blew me away
Her lyrics, production and arrangements
Then another song of hers comes through the speakers
Latin drumbeats
What’s the name of this?
I got to have it
The sensuality and sexiness was beating through it
I want to dance with my loved one
Hold him tight to express what I’m going through
Her music has me mellowed
As if I was injected with it
I got to have everything she has done
From the finger snapping and pop rock sounds
To the quiet storm and jazz
Whoever she is, she’s got a fiend for life
I’m forever jonesing for her music
From the old to the new
I try to get away
Only to find myself rocking and nodding to her lullabies
She’s such a beautiful and creative person
And I’m blessed to be able to hear her sing

*Dedicated to the one and only, Ms. Lady T, Teena Marie