When I think of you
My thoughts send signals to you
Then I feel my phone vibrating
When I look at it, it’s either a text or a call
You read my signals
And tells me “you’re my world”
Soon I’ll be able to read your thoughts
And be able to give you whatever you need without you saying anything
Right now, I’m a little weak at reading your thoughts
But don’t worry I’ll get stronger
We’re almost in sync with each other
You knew the things I wanted without me saying anything
We’ve had similar dreams or thoughts about each other
It’s like “deja vu, I’ve been here before” with you
I used to think that marriage would not be possible for me
But that was because the other guys I’ve been with couldn’t relate to me or keep up
I’ve slowed down because of the mess they put me through
Since I’ve been with you, I’ve picked up speed
And I’m running again, with no cares or worries
Just freely as the lioness that I’m supposed to be
You possess a power that I’ve never felt a connection to with anyone else
We’re meant to reign the world with no limits
I’ve erased my past so nothing can hold me back
I want a clear road so it will be easy to walk with you
And relax with you
I want you to hold me and love me like I’ve never felt before
I can only imagine what life will be like with you
Just waiting to seal the deal with a kiss
Looking at the sun melting into the ocean
A symbolism of you and I
Water and fire
Two different elements, yet they need each other
Like man and woman