She looks at her mom with her hazel eyes
She knows something isn’t “right”
She hears how other people talk
And realizes that something is different
She talks like her mom since her mom is her first teacher
But in the real classroom, she knows that the way she has been talking has been “incorrect”
Her house is different from other people’s
There are words on the television screen 24/7
And the light flashes when the phone rings
When she hears a phone vibrating or sees the light flashing
She says, “Mommy, telephone!”
She understands what her mommy is saying
Even when she uses her hands
When her mommy misunderstands, the girl uses her hands to make it clear
She sees her mom takes it off at night
And puts it on in the morning
Her mom wears hearing aids and she relies heavily on them
Her mom tells her that she loves her everyday
She takes her mom’s face and gives her kisses
She knows her mom can’t hear well so she shows her love
She says, “I love you, Mommy” and the mother lip reads and replies, “I love you, too”
Her mom isn’t different from other mothers
She drives and goes to work
She uses the phone but communicates differently sometimes
The mom can hear some but not all the way
The girl is too young to understand what happened to her mom
But she embraces her
She knows her mom’s voice and the way she speaks
At night, she seeks comfort in her arms
And goes to sleep to the rhythm that she listened to for nine months
This is the person that gave her life and meaning
To the world, her mom is a nigger, “deaf and dumb,” a bitch, can’t do shit
To the girl, her mom is her world and can do anything known to man
Her mom isn’t afraid to live and she instills that in her daughter
When the girl goes to school, she says, “I love you, Mommy. See you later.”
When her mom comes home from work, the girl runs to the door and jumps excitedly to see her mom
She doesn’t know time but she looks at the color of the sky to determine the time of her mother’s arrival
The mother is amazed to see how much her daughter knows about her
And how her daughter is willing to help her
Even when she disciplines her child, the child hugs her
So hard like she doesn’t want to disappoint her mother again
She knows that her mom loves her and wants the best for her
Her mom makes sacrifices to give her daughter a better childhood
No matter what, the mother finds her child sleeping in her arms at night in total silence.