I’m a gold digger
I want the best and I go for the best
If I was alive in 1849, I would’ve been one of the ladies in the Gold Rush
Don’t get it twisted
I’m not talking about going after some rich man’s money
Because I’m going to make my own
If anything, I got to watch out for the guys that want me to take care of them
I’ve met some of those
They never thought I’d be someone in the future
Then when they saw the degrees and the Mercedes
They want to holla
Naw, it doesn’t work like that
I’m changing the negative connotation of gold digger
I’m on a mission and I’m unstoppable
You would love me if you only knew I was about making money
I just don’t flaunt it
Show me where to go, and I’ll start digging until I get something
And even then I wouldn’t stop
Because there’s plenty more to get and share
If I’m on a mission to build an empire
Then I have to be the best
Bronze and silver never gets attention
Only the gold medalists
I’m from the Golden State and I live the golden life
Got the GL Mercedes (G for Golden and L for Lioness)
Naturally have gold in my hair
And my skin is golden
My destiny was planned for me since before I was born
I’ve been a fighter since birth
And I’m fighting for mine in a mental aspect
I train to be the best and I am the best
I push and push until I’m satisfied with how far I’ve come
And then I’ll get that rush, the Gold Rush