Ever felt like you were stuck and couldn’t move forward?
The only way to go was back or to the side
I was feeling like that for a few years
It wasn’t until I heard a pastor talk about
Forgiveness; whether a person needs to be forgiven or forgive others
I knew what I had to do
I unintentionally hurt someone so badly a few years ago
I was on a mission to find her
With no assistance from people who knew where she was
He showed me how to find her and in 2 days, I did
I called her not knowing if it was the right person
She answered and I verified who she was
I apologized for hurting her and I couldn’t move on until this was done
Whether she accepted my apology or not
I could live with knowing I tried
She said she moved on and wanted me to do the same
The biggest burden had been risen
No more bearing the blame and hiding in shame
My barrier had exploded, leaving nothing but ashes
And I didn’t have to look over my shoulders anymore
Since, walking forward has never been easier
And the path has never been brighter
Sometimes we have to go back and correct our wrongdoings
I didn’t want my past coming back to haunt me or my daughter
And I’m thankful everyday for this opportunity
Thank You!