Talking and tapping
Scrolling and tapping
Dialing then talking
No eye contact
Head always down
Distracted from what’s going on in front of you
Can’t talk to you
To let you know that I’m thinking of you
Since the very first time we met on a blind date
I felt alone and wondered if it will always be like this
There I was reaching out to get to know you because of a simple message that you sent me
I didn’t know that written messages were your main way of communicating
I was left sitting there playing on my phone, not feeling so out of place
I can put my phone down to connect to a human being
I don’t need my phone to be my main way of saying hi
To reach you, I post double entendres so other people won’t be able to decipher what I’m talking about
Or who I’m talking to
You may “like” it or comment
I see that’s the only way to get your attention since you’re usually looking at your screen
Sometimes my texts don’t get through to you
Or I’m not sure if you just saw it and decided not to respond
I’m afraid to post on your “wall” because I don’t want people to notice that
I’m talking to you
It’s not any of their business anyway
Days go by and I don’t hear from you but I’ll get a message from you
Although written words are fine
I love spoken words from you
To hear your voice, I play your music
Because it’s the only way I can grasp the last memory of your voice
It’s not the same hearing you talk to someone else on the phone
With the loud talking and laughing
And sometimes angry cussing
Your tone with me is calming and gentle
And I don’t get to hear it much
It’s becoming faint
I’m competing for your attention
We’ve become distant lovers
There’s a disconnection mentally, spiritually and physically
What happened to the days before technology when we spoke to each other
Now we’re left writing “143” or “<3” to express our love for each other
I want to feel the warmth of your lips
Not feel a little warmth when I see :-*
At least I know you’re thinking of me but it’s not the same
I’m sure you care for me
It would be nice if you showed it by putting down your phone and give me at
least one hour of your undivided attention
I’m fading to the background and do you notice that I’m gone?
There’s no connection
Your hand is reaching for me to make sure I’m there
While your other hand is holding on to the other person on the line
No words are said to each other
Just written messages of “I’m sorry,” “GM have a good day” and “I miss you”
Feeling like I’m “Touch’N U” and “What Happened To U”
Because I’ve been thinking about you all day and I miss you
We’ve become so disconnected that I don’t know how to reach you
Except to post something that I hope you’ll see and “like.”

*Excerpts from Rick Ross Touch’N You and Usher’s What Happened To You