You left me by myself
The day our gift was delivered
Instead of embracing the happy moment
I cried because a sharp pain of betrayal
Flowed all over my body
Raising our daughter alone has been bittersweet
You came back a few months later apologizing
I couldn’t stay mad at you
Because I’m in love with you, despite the lies and betraying you’ve done
My mom can’t stand you
And I have to sneak out to see you
You’ve made me weak all over again
Yet I’m strong in case you fool me again
This time I’m in charge
My friends think I’m crazy
But I could care less
They’re not in my shoes
And the ones that are, have given up on their child’s daddy
I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt
Our daughter can’t see me crying over you
Every time my phone rings, she yells “Hi daddy!”
She knows who you are
I’m thankful that she thinks so highly of you
Because if she knew what you did to get out of taking care of her
It would break her little heart
And I’m guarding it as much as I can
You don’t know what I’m doing for you when you’re not around
If you did, would you appreciate me more?
Would you stop the damn games and take us seriously?
I’ve forgiven you but have you forgiven yourself?
So insecure about me being with someone else
Are you revealing something to me?
When you’re ready to be a family
And make me a respectable woman
I know where to find you
No more humiliation and a life of shame
I’ve learned my lesson
And fortunately for you, I still want you
This time you’ll prove that you’re worthy of me

*Dedicated to Sherrie